Differential Gauge Calibrations

Standard Calibration and Adjustment Service

Our standard calibration and adjustment service for a differential pressure gauge against an NIST traceable reference. This service includes anything and everything required to adjust a gauge and re-calibrate it to within tolerances. That said, the gauge has to be "in working order," and our standard calibration service, although including adjustment, does not include repair or replacement of any pieces. If repair is required, we can provide an assessment and a quote to repair then gauge then calibrate after repairs.

Acceptable Gauges

Our service is tailored to customers who have differential pressure gauges working in the backflow prevention testing fields. Therefore, we do not have equipment to calibrate gauges that are more accurate than 1.28% or 0.2 PSID. If you have any questions about this, let us know before shipment. A general list of acceptable gauges include the Midwest 830, 835, 845, Apollo 40-200-TKU, Danfoss TK-1, Watts TK-9, TK-9A, TKDR, TK99E, Wilkins TG-3, TG-5, among others.

Shipment Policy

In order to keep our service cost effective, we do not include any shipping. We can do these gauge calibrations shortly before, after, or during lunch at our backflow courses (listed below) or, if necessary, you can mail the package to Kruger's Training Academy, P.O. Box 1307 (Gracie Station), New York, NY 10028. You get the return postage at the counter, or we can process a transaction for the return postage. We provide email and hard copies of the calibration report along with a sticker showing the next calibration date.

Upcoming Dates / Locations

Leonardtown, MD - Monday 03/25/19 through Wednesday 03/27/19

Pleasantville, NJ - Monday 03/25/19 through Friday 03/29/19

Staten Island, NY - Saturday 03/30/19

Bronx, NY - 03/31/19

Cherry Hill, NJ - Monday 04/01/19 through Thursday 04/04/19

Frederick, MD - Wednesday 04/03/19 through Friday 04/05/19

Washington, DC - Monday 04/08/19 through Wednesday 04/10/19

Roanoke, VA - Monday 04/15/19 through Tuesday 04/16/19

Manassas, VA - Wednesday 04/17/19 through Friday 04/19/19

Easton, MD - Wednesday 04/24/19 through Friday 04/26/19

Landover, MD - Wednesday 05/01/19 through Friday 05/03/19

Greenvale, NY - 05/04/19, 05/05/19, 05/11/19, or 05/12/19

Richmond, VA - Monday 05/06/19 through Friday 05/10/19

Middle River, MD - Friday 05/10/19 through Sunday 05/12/19


Differential Gauge Adjustment & Calibration


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Standard Calibration & Adjustment Service per terms above. NO POSTAGE INCLUDED.