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Midwest Products

We carry all backflow gauges by midwest instruments, as well as any accessories, at the price they offer them for. Below are some of the most popular items:

Mid-West Model 845-5 (includes carrying case, hoses, three sets of adapter fittings, comes pre-calibrated) - $765.00

Bleed-Off Assembly (for testing DCV) - $52.50

Vertical Tube Kit (for testing DCV with horizontal test cocks) - $48.00

1/4" Quick Connect Test Cock Adapters (quantity of 3) - $32.50

Ready to order? The next step is to request a quote and invoice from us, you can call us at 917-887-5613 or email us at 

Shipping Terms

All orders include shipping, FOB our facility. Prices do not include sales tax. Sales tax is applied based on the destination, not the seller, location. 

Payment Terms

Our preferred method is to mail a check. We can issue an invoice or whatever documentation that is needed. Once we receive payment, we consider the sale to be made and will send the gauge. We can also take credit card payments, but there is a 4% processing fee that goes directly to the carrier.

One Free Calibration

We understand that many times if you buy a gauge from a supply house, by the time you get the gauge the calibration is 2 or more months old. That happens with us as well, if you keep a stock of gauges it is unavoidable. However, we offer one free calibration with the purchase of any gauge to make up for this loss. This is good even if you purchased the gauge before this offer was available.

5-year Manufacturer's Warranty

As with all instruments manufactured by Mid-West, it comes with a best-in-the-insdustry 5 year warranty. Click the picture for more information. If you need to file a claim, it is directly with Mid-West Instruments but as an authorized distributor, we will do our best to assist you in this process. Usually they just replace the gauge if something breaks in a way that is clearly a workmanship or materials issue. Obviously if it freezes in your truck or you drop it 15 feet onto concrete they won't cover it.