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Midwest Products

We carry all backflow gauges by midwest instruments, as well as any accessories, at the price they offer them for. Below are some of the most popular items:

Mid-West Model 845-5 (includes carrying case, hoses, three sets of adapter fittings, comes pre-calibrated) - $765.00

Bleed-Off Assembly (for testing DCV) - $52.50

Vertical Tube Kit (for testing DCV with horizontal test cocks) - $48.00

1/4" Quick Connect Test Cock Adapters (quantity of 3) - $32.50

Ready to order? The next step is to request a quote and invoice from us, you can call us at 917-887-5613 or email us at 

Shipping Terms

If you need us to ship you the package, freight will be added to the final amount. It is estimated to be less than $25.00 for a gauge or similar sized box. If you order at least 48 hours before one of the below course dates, we can do the transaction on site shortly before, after, or during lunch at our backflow courses as well. All shipping is FOB our facility. Prices do not include sales tax. Sales tax is priced on the state the sale is made, so if mailed to you from NY it would be 8.875%, but if picked up would be the local rate.

Salisbury, MD - Friday 10/26/18 through Sunday 10/28/18

Cherry Hill, NJ - Monday 10/29/18 through Thursday 11/01/18

Manassas, VA - Monday 11/19/18 through Wednesday 11/21/18

Roanoke, VA - Monday 11/26/18 through Tuesday 11/27/18 

Newport News, VA - Monday 12/03/18 through Tuesday 12/04/18

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